We are a property investment and sales company focused on the location and development of investment opportunities for international property investors. This opportunity is most present in quality beach front residences in the most attractive, secure and accessible coastlines of the world.
After extensive research of the global opportunities in countries such as Bulgaria, Turkey, Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, Costa Rica and many others we identified and analyzed many factors that together contribute to a sound investment strategy.
We are currently concentrated in the North east of Brazil, an area carefully selected for its investment criteria including:
-Climate (high sunshine, low rainfall, absence of climatic risks)
-Security (local and International)
-Pricing in relation to Global pricing of beach front lands.
-Culture including global perception.
-Accessibility and tourism forecasts.
In addition to sourcing investment lands our objective is to utilize the fantastic potential of the Brazilian coastline as a development location by bringing together design influences from Thailand, Australia and Europe to complement this unique location.
Our clients are typically European, English or American and are looking for investment rewards and additionally lifestyle. Our projects are geographically positioned to capitalize on the property boom that is occurring through the North East and our apartments and facilities are designed with the demanding foreign purchaser in mind.

We achieve our goals through careful selection of strong local and international partnerships. We have developed an extensive network of local brokers and real estate professional throughout the Nth East of Brazil. In addition to the many small partners we use our key partnerships are listed below.

Beach Land Development, Brazil is our land sourcing, development and project management partner. They have an unrivalled local knowledge, deep local market penetration and extensive local relationships in the construction sector. Their participation on our Brazilian ventures is essential and gives us a great advantage over competitors when selecting sites and negotiating construction contracts.
Pedro Ricardo Architects, Brazil are our design partners. They provide a truly excellent balance of open minded design and utilization of local resource. Their experience in developing larger projects/hotels/resorts has proved invaluable to our projects in both the design and approval phases.

Muniz DeusDara Architects, Brazil
are our design partners in large residential lot projects of over 50,000 M2. Their experience in this sector and high profile are extremely beneficial to us.
see www.munizdeusdara.com.br for more information.

Ferrari Construction, Brazil are our construction partner and bring years of experience in developing high end beach front projects and familiarity with building quality apartments to the demands of foreign clients. You can view their profile and their other exciting work at www.ferrarieng.com

The Alexandre Rodrigues de Albuquerque Law Office, Brazil are our legal partner. They have a strong understanding on what is required to advise, protect and serve international clients. As well as fluent English speaking staff they clearly are aware of the dynamics of the North east and the concerns, and demands of international property purchasers. Their service is highly personal and extremely professional. Please visit www.albuquerque.adv.br for an in depth profile of this highly respected law firm.

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