March 2008
Start date was delayed.
The site has been cleaned and leveled and materials installed.
Constructor is no working to condense the timeline to make up time and the situation/effectiveness of this will be known by September.


April 2008
Some delays due to heavy rain in April this year.
Site borders in place, Foundations being dug.


May 2008
Progress is back at predicted speed. Foundations being poured and steel in place. Borders for super structure being made.


June 2008
Super structure borders are done and building has commenced. Progress will look a lot quicker now as the base work is done and actual block building takes place.


July 2008
The main structure is now well under way and the first floor nearly complete.


September 2008
Construction going well. 2nd floor super structure is under way and central leisure areas for the pools is now being built. The waterfall and massage area is also being built now and the views from all locations of the site are fantastic. There was a lot of tourist activity this weekend with many tour busses and kites and buggies.


November 2008
Structure is going well and plastering and roofing is under way.Internal walls are now in place and joinery will start shortly.


February 2009
Construction is progressing well again after a delay with our constructor. Issue is resolved and all proceeding well now. We have heavy rain here this month (plus hot sun in between) so we are making some temporary drainage during the construction phase. Structure is enclosed and internals are under way, the site access and parking is in construction and we are investigating making a fully furnished show apartment on site.


April 2009
The rains are over and construction continues. The roof is now going on and as such internal work can now be accelerated.
The surrounding area is developing well with hotels and restaurants within walking distance. Photos will be uploaded mid June.


June 2009
Roofing continues after delays due to heavy rains. You will see the structure being enclosed now. The pools are being dug out and will be tiled soon. We will build the rear wall and car park area shortly including the street side gates and access. Rendering and painting will be next major items to commence


July 2009
Construction of the roof is going well. Block 4 is under way now and soon all blocks will be covered allowing plastering, joinery etc to commence. The main retaining wall and walkway is completing that joins the upper and lower blocks and provides the landing for the waterfall and massage/relax areas.


September 2009
The roof framework is on and now being tiled. Once sealed the block is weather proof and plastering etc can commence. Time was spent on the main retaining wall between the 2 levels. It was redesigned and the main connection between the blocks is now complete.


October 2009
The infinity pool base is being poured. The views will be amazing. From the end of the infinity pool, the water will cascade over 2 levels down to the recreation area.


December 2009
Construction of roof is finishing now with details and the decorative front pilars are in place.
The swimming pools are now poured.
The retaining wall between the level and stair access is complete.


January 2010
General concrete and super structure work taking place in public areas.
Some tiling has started.


February/March 2010
Public areas are close to ready for walkways, tiling. Rear sheds are demolished now ready to poor the car parking area. Tourism is increasing in the area.
The new road leading into Prai Das Fontes is paved (finally!) and totally changes the approach to this great beach.
Pools will shortly be tiled.


March 2010
The car park has been cleared and is now being prepared for the base paving.


May 2010
Interior tiling continues. The pools are being lined and the water fall structure is beginning.


June 2010
Tiling of the exterior area is in progress. The pools are being connected by the waterfall feature and garden river.


June 17 - 2010.
Pools continue and installation of electrics and public service areas is under way.


June 2010 - Helicopter Photos.
Another sunny day in Praia Das Fontes. These photos show the great location of this project.


August 2010
Public area pools are progressing and waterfall area is under construction.
Joinery and tiling is continuing.


September 2010
Pools are nearing completion and shortly will be filled and waterfalls tested. Joinery is in. Timber detailing is under way.
Varnishing has commenced. Landscapers have been on site to evaluate start day.


November 2010
Services are being finalised and landscaping is under way. Most of the
timber detailing is complete now and external painting is in progress.

January 2011
Landscaping continues. The main waterfall has been re tiled as previous surface was decided as impractical in a waterfall situation. The lower apartment balconies/decks are being completed and hydraulics getting ready to be connected and pumps installed.

February 2011
Final toucFinal touches are being installed on the upper Zen pool. This will shortly be pumped and the waterfall will commence.

February-March 2011
Final timber hand rails and paths being constructed around the observation deck from upper level.


June 2011
Electric gate installed and main entrance being completed now. Most detailing is complete and still some landscaping to go. Swimming pools will shortly be cleaned and filtered. Upper block is now fully functional with services (although still some workers in this area).

June 2011
The car parking area is just completing (gate installed and working).


July 2011
Car spaces are being marked. Relaxation decks, benches, bridges being installed. Final grass being laid. Waterfall surround cladding is being replaced due to faulty product. Some clients have furnished, installed aircon already.

November 2011
The project is coming to life with clients. One section of grass is being replaced due to damage. The waterfalls are working well connecting the upper and lower pools.


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