3rd April 2007.

Construction is proceeding to schedule and the 3rd floor is well under way.

The 4th floor will commence shortly and includes the chosen floor plan options for penthouse owners (units 302 to 310). If you have not yet selected your floor plan option (open plan or with bedroom) please contact mike@sandgardenhomes.com now.

The photos below show diferent angles of the building and a few of the 3rd floor views.

30 June 2007

Construction is going ahead of schedule and is planned for completion at the end of this year. We are currently building a show bathroom to evaluate some of the detailed finishing. The pool area is now in progress and later the stone wall in front of the pool will be replaced with a glass wall to ensure the sea views are enjoyed.


14th September 2007.

Construction continues to progress to schedule. Most units are now tiled and bathroom fittings will shortly be installed. Most hydraulic work is complete. Barbeques are being completed and the swimming and recreational areas are now under work. We have employed a new staff member who will be starting October 15th and will managing the establishment of the condominium and post sales services solutions including partnerships for clients.

November 2007
Construction continues to progress and tomorrow (9th) the grasses will be planted. The pool area is now paved as are pathways and the building is being surfaced and painted now.
The glass balconies will be installed in 3 weeks time.
We expect to set a "keys ready" date in the next 2 weeks that will be some point towards the end of January.


January 2008
Helicopter Photos.


February 2008
Construction is going very well with many visible changes. Stairs and bathrooms are in progress and landscaping is under way also. Waste services are being installed and the front entrance/, security is now constructed. The front wall will soon be demolished and the glass wall inserted. At this time the balcony glass will be installed and then the lower units direct garden access will be created.
Sergio will soon be emailing all clients regarding furniture and finishing packages.


March 2008
Finally the ugly wall has fallen and the glass wall will soon be installed at the project front. Landscaping is well under way and apartment finishing are being installed (bathrooms, railings, Jacuzzis etc) The pool has been cleaned and filled ready for use.


April 2008
All structural work is complete and bathrooms are being finished now. Landscaping is almost complete. The 1st unit is being furnished by Bclosets now. The glass will shortly be installed on balconies and the project front wall. The condominium is being established and the offices of the same company will shortly contact all buyers.


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